Here goes nothing!

Well hello there and welcome to my first ever blog! Thank you for taking the time to stop by. So since this is in fact my first blog I think I should start by telling you a little about me and where I am in this whole online boutique journey. I am super new to this side of the online boutique world. I have shopped a ton of online boutiques but this is my first time ever running one.

I think the biggest thing on everyones mind right now is Christmas am I right! We have had our annual Santa visit and picture taken, I will attach a picture of our Santa visit with this blog. We are geared up and ready for the holidays here at Avery's Closet. But today at Avery's Closet, LLC what we are most ready for is Cyber Monday of course. Get free shipping when you spend $60 as always; and right now, get a free item when you buy 3, use code B3G1 for this special at checkout!

Thanks again for stopping by and we will keep you updated here on all the fun things coming your way as we know about them!


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