Let's talk about Avery

My very favorite little model to show our boutique line is Avery Claire! I mean it is her closet you know. Sometimes she cooperates and other times is just so silly that we have fun and get only candid shots and nothing to use for the site. But yesterday she was so cooperative and had so much fun doing it! I am thankful for an (most of the time) easy going little lady!

I am going to take this time to tell you a story. As a very young 20 year old I had my first child, an absolutely stunning baby boy with blue eyes and blond hair. I had never known a love like the love I felt for this child, he was my biggest reason to succeed at life. I was not married at that point so it was just he and I to take on the whole big world. And take on the world we did, for the next ten years just the two of us. And then one day I walked into work to a new position at the hospital I worked at as a "PRN Float" nurse. I was scheduled on a unit I had never worked on before and was very nervous. But then this man with such a kind face and gentle voice spoke to me. His bed side manner with his patients was inspiring and I was intrigued by this kind gentle man. He was clearly intrigued by me as well and after a while and much persistence on his end, I finally agreed to let him take me to dinner.

Fast forward just over two years later and we are moving out of state to follow his career and planning a wedding! We were married one year after moving and then one year after that we decided it was time to add to our family and give my now big boy a sibling. After a year we finally got pregnant but God needed that baby more than we did. Four months later God blessed us with a rainbow baby that was to be Avery Claire and she made our family of three, a family of four!

From the time Avery Claire entered the world, she has kept us all on our toes. Her personality is growing much faster than her tiny body, but we wouldn't trade that sass for anything!

Thanks for taking a stroll through our life with me today!

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