Lets get real here for a minute

Christmas time is a super tough time of year for so many. For some they have lost loved ones who they can no longer spend physical time with, for some it is a financial issue while trying to provider gifts for children, and for some it is a distance from family issue. Many of us are so fortunate to be able to go through this time of year without these problems and we are so blessed for that. But lets all be mindful of those who are struggling during this time.

Every year I plan to have all my shopping done before Thanksgiving, and every year I do NOT have it all done. For all those Folks out there getting it all finished early, you are goals, the real MVP! Can I get a shout out from all you folks out there like myself and still last minute shopping right up until Christmas Eve? We all wait till the last minute for different reasons, some are due to financial strains, some are just complete procrastinators (like myself). No matter what the reason, it is OKAY! We all find our own normal in this thing called life so don't be hard on yourself about it either way!

I think it is also important to mention that the magic of Christmas happens still, even if we are last minute. Christmas traditions are what this season is about, and most importantly Jesus is what this season is about. I think the traditions we create for and with our families are far more important than any gift we could wrap under the tree. One tradition I do with my little one is we have birthday cake on Christmas Eve to celebrate Jesus' Birthday. She is only three so explaining it all to her in detail is tough, but Birthday Cake she understands! Find that special tradition for your family that incorporates your beliefs and keep it going!

Happy Tradition creating to you all!!

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